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A valuable sparkle clings to her silhouette while finest tulle slips along her body to the ground. Thoughtfully she looks onto the city of love, her time has come to become a woman.

French charm escorts the bride through the alleys of Paris, down the stone stairs and along the Seine. Prudently she takes one step after the other, setting out for a life of luck and love.

Recently the incomparable photographer D´Arcy Benincosa held one of her highly coveted workshops among the capital of France which she organized in collaboration with event stylist and florist  Nessa Buonomo

Their bride wore an incredibly costly and valuable robe by Inbal Dror that needed nothing more than a fresh flower bouquet to accessorize. A plain bridal styling as well as subtle turn-of-the-century-style stationery underlined the mysterious “joie de vivre” that doesn´t even loose its magical attraction on the artists’ wonderful pictures.

Now dive with us into the captivating world of pictures shot by D´Arcy Benincosa, where she familiarizes us with the now and then of Paris.

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


the-path-workshop-paris_0001 the-path-workshop-paris_0002 the-path-workshop-paris_0003 the-path-workshop-paris_0004 the-path-workshop-paris_0005 the-path-workshop-paris_0006 the-path-workshop-paris_0007 the-path-workshop-paris_0007a the-path-workshop-paris_0008 the-path-workshop-paris_0010 the-path-workshop-paris_0012 the-path-workshop-paris_0013 the-path-workshop-paris_0013a the-path-workshop-paris_0014 the-path-workshop-paris_0015 the-path-workshop-paris_0016 the-path-workshop-paris_0016a the-path-workshop-paris_0018 the-path-workshop-paris_0018a the-path-workshop-paris_0019 the-path-workshop-paris_0020 the-path-workshop-paris_0020a the-path-workshop-paris_0021 the-path-workshop-paris_0021a the-path-workshop-paris_0022 the-path-workshop-paris_0022a the-path-workshop-paris_0022b the-path-workshop-paris_0030 the-path-workshop-paris_0033 the-path-workshop-paris_0035 the-path-workshop-paris_0035b the-path-workshop-paris_0035c the-path-workshop-paris_0036 the-path-workshop-paris_0036a


PHOTOGRAPHY: D´Arcy Benincosa
FLOWERS AND DESIGN: Nessa Buonomo – La mariée aux pieds nus
WEDDING GOWN: Inbal Dror by Metal Flaque, Paris
CALLIGRAPHY:  Nice Plume  
MAKE-UP + HAIR:  My beauty corner
RINGS: Myrtille Beck
ENGAGEMENT RINGS: Claire de Divonne




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