The poetry of the moment at Chateau Bouffemont



There is nothing quite like experiencing two souls joining together, projecting towards their future, and seeingtheir love in its raw state adorned with soft, warm colors. A wedding is more than just a celebration, it is a tale within the story of a couple’s affinity. It is more than justa contract, it is a promise of eternal love.

It is more than just an invitation, it is allowing yourself to be swept along and letting the commitment of twolovers speak to your heart. We are there to capture the poetry of the moment.

This poetry comes from several ingredients: the sensual beauty of the bride, the dreamy state of thegroom and the staging of a timeless celebration.

It was this passion for the bride and groom that brought together a group of talented wedding suppliers toorganize this styleshoot.

Passionate wedding photographer Pascal Vo brought a romantic eye to the shoot. He worked in analog format to perfect and create this indelible mark in time. It’s indelible for the soul, because Pascal seeksout what each couple, each guest and each wedding provider will put into simply making people happy.This might just be what makes his weddings so magical.

Marion’s organization, guidance and design skills – L’Amie des Mariés . Marion is a new wedding plannerwho has managed professional events for 8 years and who was secretly waiting for the right moment to start helping future brides and grooms. “I have organised dozens of events with thousands of guests andworked with hundreds of suppliers. But there is nothing more beautiful than the happiness of two soulmates.I hope one day to devote all of my professional time to that.”

Celine’s soft touch – a highly talented florist – Les Herbes Folles. She selected each individual flower, stem, and pot, in order to give them their place on the different sets. She built her creations solo, inspired by current trends and paying attention to the seasonality of the flowers.

The poetic spirit of this occasion would be nothing without a place, a building that sets the tone. Theprestige of Chateau Bouffemont shines out of every photo. It shows the splendor of this moment which took place in a truly exceptional location.

The concept was completed by the enchanting handmade gown by Mademoiselle Rêve, a stylish stationery by Rue Vendôme, a beautiful hair crown by Lizeron Paris, a seductive cake by Amandine and lovingly designed decoration elements by Acaris Location.




Wedding Planner / Design: L’Amie des Mariés 
Photographer: Pascal Vo 
Venue: Chateau Bouffemont
Florals: Les Herbes Folles
Custom-made wedding dresses: Mademoiselle Rêve 
Hair and Makeup: Reina Kim
Suit: FeramoParis 
Stationery: Rue Vendôme
Bridal crown: Lizeron Paris
Wedding rings: Zeina 
Furniture and Tableware: Acaris Location 
Wedding Cake: Amandine
Monthly bridal boxes: La Petite Impatiente
Models: Chloé and Pierre 


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