The Scent Of Magnolias


The sweet scent of blooming Magnolias spreads, their white and pink colored splendor is conspicuous. For quite some time they are the number one, predetermining style and color. Plates, candles, calligraphy – everything appears in shades of pink.

But then there´s this bride stealing everything else the show. Flawlessly beautiful in a dress of lace and tulle. Sleeves cover her arms classy, her back is buttoned teasingly and her neckline looks gracefully elegant.

Her hair got loosely pinned up to one side to present her face in all its glory. Expressive, gorgeous and attracting – her looks are captivating with flaming passion. Her lips are full and red, waiting for the saving kiss.

Filigree jewelry by  Liv Hart and Melinda Rose, provided by Manuela Kalupar of Feinstens adorns her forehead and plays around her hips. Valuably sparkling yet cautiously elegant it complements the bridal style being the connecting element between her and the world.

It´s not only a harmony of colors but even a symbiosis of styles that  Melanie Sharma of little pink butterfly  and photographer Franziska Krois von amantes Fotografie captured here for us.

Is it us or do you smell the wonderful scent of Magnolias, too?


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FOTOGRAFIE: Franziska Krois – amantes Fotografie
KONZEPT: Franziska Krois – amantes Fotografie + Melanie Sharma – little pink butterfly
DEKORATION, PAPETERIE + STYLING: Melanie Sharma – little pink butterfly
LOCATION: Salzburg Makartplatz, Mirabellgarten Salzburg
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Brigitte Kelemen
MODEL: Denise
KLEID: Cortana „Matilda“ zur Verfügung gestellt von Feinstens
ACCESSOIRES: zur Verfügung gestellt von Feinstens

Liv Hart
Haarkamm gold „Adelaide„
Armband hellblau“Leanne”
Armband “Juliet“
Gürtel „Be still my heart“

Melinda Rose
Haarkamm blush

Jimmy Choo









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