The scent of Provence


If you close your eyes and think of Provence, you will see dense olive groves, idyllic vineyards close together and have the scent of lavender and herbs in your nose.

Why not bring this romantic feeling to Prague? Inspired by the charm and beauty of this French region, event planner Andrea from Exclusive Weddings in Prague created this gorgeous shoot together with a great team.

In the picturesque location Artiseme they arranged stylish and modern elements with a sea of herbs and lots of culinary delights.

A young bride and groom and floral artwork by Inspirito Flowers fill the concept with life and exude dreamy romance. Enchanted we look at the lovingly set table, which was framed by a variety of herbs of Provence.

Let yourself be inspired by the dreamlike details, which find their perfection in the pictures of Stepan Vrzala.




Photographer: Stepan Vrzala 
Venue: Artiseme 
Flowers: Inspirito Flowers 

Beauty Bar Prague 
Dress: Nuance

Stationery: Decorista

Furniture: Stool Rentals 
Glass: NFCP Rentals
Jewelry: Mooyyy 

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