The Secret Of A Black Bride


Her look seems hopeless, her soul unfathomable; she sends her thoughts away with the wind, what remains is the secret of a black bride.

Silently she wanders among ancient palaces, exploring their chambers and filling them with a unexplainable melancholy.

She hides her beautiful face under a Madonna veil, her filigree body on the other hand is flattered by pure seduction of flowing material.

Attracted by her captivating aura, we follow her mesmerized into a legendary place of worship, across lush green meadows, past imposing architecture down to the breezy beach. We want to reveal her secret, but she keeps it to herself…

With a styled shoot that awakens our imagination and leaves space for speculation, assumptions and our own visions photographer Angelika Krinke leaves us speechless and fascinated behind.           

For her extraordinary, literally veiled bridal inspirations, she traveled as far as Northern France, to Normandy, where she was rewarded with fabulous weather, historic architecture and lots of touching magic.

All this and so much more Angelika Krinke incorporated in a spectacular work of art, whose impressive images she shares here with us now.



PHOTOGRAPHY: Angelika Krinke
OUTFIT: sasas_vintage

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