Timeless elegant


Embedded in purest white and lush green peach-colored blossoms shine more powerful than ever. Warm rays of sun light and soft candlelight bathe every detail in its best light.

And there are countless details that event designer Ellen of Westcott Weddings conceptualized and made alive with all her love for the first photo workshop hosted by  Michelle Boyd.

Photographer Michelle Boyd chose The Winfield Inn – an impressive estate from the 19th century with spacious parks and shade-giving olive trees – to be the perfect venue for her first workshop.

With its neat and natural gardens the favored wedding location offers a wide range of scopes for design which is great for artists like florist Meredith of  Bristol Lane Florals, cake designer Jessica of Green Lily Bakery and of course event designer Ellen of Westcott Weddings to allow their creativity full bent.

Jenny Sanders of  Graceline Art complemented the complete artwork of romantic flower arrangements, a restrained yet elegant cake and a stunning table setting including a whiff of vintage with her beautifully calligraphed stationery of handmade paper.

The attendees awaited terrific scenes and a variety of perfectly created details worth capturing on camera to exist for ever. Here the fantastic  Michelle Boyd shares the pictures of her successful first workshop with us!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Michelle Boyd Photography
EVENT DESIGN: Westcott Weddings
VENUE: The Winfield Inn
FLORAL DESIGN: Bristol Lane Florals
INVITATIONS: Graceline Art
CAKE: Green Lily Bakery
LINENS: LaTavola
RENTALS: Marquee Rents
DINNERWARE + FLATWARE: Loot Vintage Rental
BRIDAL GOWN: Julian Gold
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Makenzi Laine
CAKE BACKDROP: Whitney Farnsworth
FILM LAB: PhotoVision



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