Chill and copper, green leaves and flawless white: like a fall´s day candles light up the room – yet you can see spring approaching through the windows.

The bride abuts on the wooden table; precious lace applications turn her strapless dress by Rue de Seine from Ivory Isle into something very special. Again and again it is adorned with embroidered blossoms.

A golden shimmering necklace with a little ring in the middle lays gently on her décolleté.

Deep green eucalyptus and lush leaves decorate gray plates while white fabrics of linen enliven the darkness and carry it away. Copper cutlery and ribbed vases as well as white flowers and grey, tall candles form the picture.

It seems like this table setting designed by die Hochzeitsplanerei captures this garden´s winter secret to revive it for spring with new splendor.

In the evening the bride dances in her beige-colored pumps, swaying with the beat in her lace dress, gazing at the trees in the garden through the window. Until then the sugar cake might be eaten up. The white is framed by green leaves and embroidered with little blossoms.

Then a day of contrasts would succeed in completion. A day that never ends. Continuing in our thoughts and the breathtaking pictures shot by Die Ciuciu’s.

Text: Laura Elisa Nunziante, Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Die Ciuciu’s 
PLANUNG + KONZEPT: die Hochzeitsplanerei und Die Ciuciu’s 
DESIGN: die Hochzeitsplanerei
BRAUTKLEID: Rue de Seine bei Ivory Isle
FLORISTIK: Blume & Co – Sandra Ortner
TORTE : Ute Dittrich – die Zuckerbäckerwerkstatt 
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Jasmina Ghera 
SCHMUCK: ANNA Inspiring Jewellery 
SCHUHE: Natalie Rox
LOCATION: Orangerie Schlosspark Eisenstadt 
MODEL: Maria Zeilinger – Tempo Models




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