Tips for your wedding shoot

Inspiration for the magnolia blossom

This beautiful wedding inspiration inspired us to create these tips for your wedding shoot. The very friendly and talented Koko Photography captured the magnolia blossom perfectly with two different outfits from Kloster Bridal Concept Store.

How often do you see photos of magnolia, almond or cherry tree blossoms? Or enchanting bouquets with peonies, a shoot in a lavender field? But what to do if these flowers are not in bloom on the wedding date or the lavender field is not nearby?

We recommend a “pre- or after-shoot”. These shoots are done before or after the wedding. So you can plan the shoot at your leisure, at the location and time of year of your choice. On the wedding day, there is always time pressure for a couple shoot, as you as a couple don’t want to be away from your guests for too long. Of course, these photos are very important and you should never delete them! This day has very special emotions that will never come back in the same way. All your loved ones may no longer come together in this constellation.

Nevertheless, you can also book a second shoot for even more special wedding photos. Another advantage, apart from the lack of time pressure, is the flexible time of day. There are usually small time slots for the couple shoot on the wedding day. For a pre- or after-shoot, you can arrange to meet the photographer at the time of day with the best lighting conditions, which is usually in the late afternoon until sunset.

Please note, however, that the wedding dress usually gets dirty during the shoot and needs to be cleaned before the wedding day. It may also shrink slightly during cleaning. It should therefore not be shot too close to the wedding day or with a different dress to be on the safe side.

We hope you enjoy this magical inspiration!

Photography: Koko Photography Wedding dresses: Kloster Bridal Concept Store

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