True Love Over The Rooftops Of Milan


With photographer Yana Schicht by Collect Moments Photography Adriana and Francesco recently celebrated their true love over the rooftops of Milan.

Some call it destiny, others love at first sight. For some of us it takes a little longer, for others everything works out pretty fast.

This beautiful couple probably belongs to the last group, like Yana Schicht told us: “The two have been together for only a year but so in love that they got engaged and asked me to capture this moment on pictures. For this occasion, I found that the backdrop of the Milan Cathedral would be just perfect.”

The early morning sun seems to rejoice with this young love and bathes the scenery in a particularly flattering light. From high up on the cathedral, their eyes wander between tower spires far into the distance, without taking their eyes off each other…

If you have a loving couple like Adriana and Francesco and an overwhelming backdrop like the Milan Cathedral in front of your lens you don´t need and decorations or props. If you are able to capture pure love, like Yana Schicht by Collect Moments Photography, you work with the most beautiful motive in the world!

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Yana Schicht by Collect Moments Photography
DRESS: Matsouri




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