Tuscan wedding diversity


Tuscan weddings always exude a very special fascination.

Idyllically embedded in a picturesque landscape, the Italian Villa Pazzi al Parugiano is situated and looks happily over olive groves and extensive meadows and fields.

This gives us the opportunity to let ourselves in on exciting facets of Tuscany with these inspirations by wedding planner Greta of Weddinglam Planner.

With a great sense for aesthetics she combined traditional details with modern elements.

In her hands, the Italian spirit, the charm of southern nature and the elegance of a stunning bridal couple merged into an inseparable unity whose magic is clearly visible in every motif.

We fell particularly in love with the ochre-colored transparent chairs, the black and white stationery and the ravishing cake by Carta Zucchero, which combine with the romantic details to form a harmonious whole.

Die Hochzeitsfotografen Angelika and Artur knew how to capture the lightness and romanticism of these enchanting wedding inspirations in a poetic world of images.

Greta von Weddinglam Planner told: „ I decided to set the ceremony under a majestic arch, which reveals the English garden in the background, into the flowers of Fiori Fiori: branches of lunaria rise up and orchid branches fall down, between roses and anthuriums the black heart of the anemone stands out. Two floral columns on black iron stands embrace the newlyweds, her with a dress by Daalarda Couture with a delicate tattoo-effect lace.

Paper-thin taper candles adorned the velvet tablecloth that featured place settings made of Tuscan marble and perfume favors for guests. Black and white against these amber hues… So good!

The idea of the corner dedicated to the fragrances of Jo Malonewas born to give a unique and exclusive experience to wedding guests. Jo Malone has the possibility of Fragrance Combining, the idea is that every guest is followed by the master perfumer who will create a personalized fragrance for each one that will be vaporized on each pashmina, we are beyond the idea of the tableau de marriage and beyond the concept of wedding favor, this is a game of fragrances, a magic luxury to give to each guest.”

And now let’s dive together into the expressive pictures of Angelika and Artur of Die Hochzeitsfotografen, and enjoy the magical inspirations.


Photography & Videography: Die Hochzeitsfotografen
Venue: Villa Pazzi al Parugiano
Planning & Design: Weddinglam Planner
Floral Design: Fiori Fiori
Hair: Petrini Carla
Makeup: Valentina Stella
Cake: Carta Zucchero
Stationery: Weddinglam Planner
Drawings: Daisy Pacella
Fragrances: Jo Malone London
Silk Ribbon: Seidenband
Marble Table Accessories: Marmo Love
Furniture Rentals: Self Party
Bridal Shop: Siodam
Bridal Dress: Daalarna
Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes
Bridal Crown: Headpieces by Brideful
Engagement Ring: Linea Laboratorio Orafo
Ring Box: Amonie / Vow Book: Elmo
Groom’s Outfit: ASOS
Bowtie: Scocca Papillon
Film Lab: MeinFilmLab
Models: Matilde Domenichini & Samuele Giovannelli






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