Carefree Young Love


A flight of seagulls announces their arrival – a young love just reached the beach of St. Peter Ording. Free, worriless and head over heels the couple follows their feelings through reed and sand.

With her brown open hair and the woven plait, the bride sets a silent Bohemian statement which her groom underlines clearly with suspenders and his flat cap. Together they experience the easiness of being…

The photographers Anja Schneemann and Diana Frohmüller brought us these feather-light and carefree inspirations from the German peninsular Eiderstedt. Everything they needed was a gorgeous couple impersonating young love and an opulent bridal bouquet by  Milles Fleurs.

Mother nature took care of the rest: a light breeze inviting the bride´s dress and hair to dance, dreamy sunlight and the calming rush of the North Sea. Perfect to fall in love and dream away the day, don´t you think?

See for yourselves and dive with us into the wonderful picture gallery of Anja Schneemann Photography und Diana Frohmüller Photography!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Anja Schneemann Photography & Diana Frohmüller Photography
LOCATION: Strand St. Peter Ording
FLORISTIK: Milles Fleurs
KLEID: Ramona Berg
ANZUG: Gentlemen Fashion Club 
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Stylistin Ria Saage
MODELS: Lea & Lorenzo



anja schneemann-klein dianafrohmueller-klein 






  Anja Schneemann                   Diana Frohmüller



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