Love to the beat of the city


The commotion of the metropolis falls silent as Samantha and Jérémy celebrate their love to the beat of the city.

Young, modern and extravagant like the couple Hamburg presents itself equally photogenic – even without sunshine.

Undisturbed one strolls hand in hand through the charming harbor city, rests here, laughs there and kisses everywhere.

Dear moments of togetherness are often rare, that´s why both inhale every second of it. Right now the revolves only around them…

Three locations, two enamored hearts and one big love – artfully captured by photographer Vanessa Madec. We are thrilled by these pictures and impressed by the artist´s talent to capture emotions so vividly!

Let´s get becharmed by Samantha and Jérémy as Vanessa Madec takes us to the pulsating city of Hamburg…

Translation: Marina Jenewein





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