The unique world of the Fine Art Floral Designer Tabea Maria-Lisa



Tabea Maria-Lisa is a young Swiss artist who moved to London to find the freedom to freely express her creativity as a florist.

There, Tabea Maria-Lisa developed her own style, which she describes today as a symbiosis of the rawness of nature and luxurious accents from fashion, architecture and design. Back in the country of her birth, she later founded her own company, TML.

TML stands for the elegance of simplicity, lifeblood, uniqueness and distinctiveness. She allows opposites to collide in order to unite them into a harmonious and tension-filled whole. And she knows that colour, form and material are decisive for a successful concept in which the small details make all the difference.

When she is in her element, Tabea Maria-Lisa forgets the rest of the world; she is at home here and in touch with herself.

She herself stays in the background, all in black, and it almost seems as though passion flowers were looking over her shoulder as she is sketching, engaging her in a serious but tender conversation. Her basic essentials are white and grey-green flowers. They have a calming effect and allow us to dream. That certain something is provided by gold accessories with warm hues that blend beautifully with the arrangements like a splendid elegant dress.

Her exclusive selection of flowers is sumptuous and voluminous, while at the same time playful, gentle and light. Sweat peas literally dance about the pretty bouquet and the dazzling arrangements, while hydrangea and peonies lend support to the individual flowers.

In amazement we begin to understand: the arrangements and bouquets are what the love letter is to the lover – a piece of herself, not for her to keep but to give away to another, beloved person.




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