Vintage dream in pastel shades


The quill next to an inkpot, family heirloom jewelry and letters with royal seal get us in the right mood for a wonderful vintage wedding.

We open the door to a different world, flickering candles lead us upstairs into a bygone era. We follow a bride in a long sleeved lace dress that reveals a lot but hides even more.

Big windows flood the rooms with bright light, dark curtains don´t absorb much. Hand painted mural paintings tell of old days, heavy wallpapers continue their stories.

Shimmering candle light attends the bride through out the house until she meets her groom and companion for life. Ancient paper goods, sealed and calligraphed, officially announce their union…

What a wonderful journey into the past it is the photographers Esther and Gabe take us with the event designers of Your wedding in Hungary!

We totally share their excitement for this shoot since they told us: „One of the beautiful historic castles in Eastern Hungary served as the framework of this nostalgic and lovely photo series in pastel shades. The colors and the graceful elegance of the building perfectly fit every little detail of our concept.“

We are delighted by the expressive pictures shot by Esther and Gabe and can´t wait to share them with you now…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Esther and Gabe
STYLING AND PLANNING: Your wedding in Hungary  
DRESS: Bálint Sára  
CALLIGRAPHY: The fanatic calligrapher









     Esther and Gabe


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