Vintage Romance with a Touch of Rosé


Ease, optimism, sensuality and dreams… When fine shades of rose, melancholic dusk blue and a whiff of refreshing gold meet we see an emotional whoopee of colorful inspirations.

It´s the base of a fabulous vintage love where aged architecture attends pure romance. Here, at the orangery of Schloss Diersfordt, the creative photographers Kathi & Chris Vanlight Photography and the decoration specialists of Shabby Chic Events created a gorgeous wedding inspiration embedded in a slight touch of rosé and true love.

Floor-to-ceiling arched windows reveal a greened yard and let golden rays of sunlight into the empty hall at the same time. Arousing sleeping memories of bygone days and the fling of contrary beauties.

Like the bride in her loosely falling princess cut lace gown by I am Yours, gracefully contrasting aged walls. Her natural beauty is in the fore complemented by a filigree floral crown by Ivory & Co. and the opulent bridal bouquet in wonderful shades of rosé and lush green.

Centered a round white table is set. With an imposing center piece, a flower arrangement in tender shades of light pink and beige, inviting the bridal couple and their immediate family to taste pure romance.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0001 schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0003 schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0005 schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0005a schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0006 schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0006a schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0006b schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0007 schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0007a schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0009schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0027

schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0012 schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0013 schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0014 schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0015 schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0016 schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0017 schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0018 schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0018a schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0019 schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0019a schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0020 schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0022a schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0022b schlosshochzeit-brautinspirationen-rosetoene_0023


FOTOGRAFIE + PLANUNG: Kathi & Chris Vanlight Photography
FLORISTIK, DEKO + CAR: Shabby Chic Events
LOCATION: Orangerie Schloss Diersfordt
DESIGNER BRAUTKLEID: Catherine Deane, Dress Onyx
BRAUTSCHUHE: Harriet Wilde
MAKE-UP: Lydia Gerzen Hair & Make up
HAARSTYLING: Angelika Penner Hair & Makeup Artist
SCHMUCK: Tragkultur
CUPCAKES: Die Cupcakery
PAPETERIE: Andrea Wolf Design
DRUCK: Druckerei Butz & Bürker
MODELS: Ariella + Leo


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