Wedding Cakes and Cookies with Portuguese Tiles


Blue ornaments on grey walls, turquoise waterscapes on white ground – reinterpreted this century old art not only pleases our eyes it also becomes an eatable delight. Tiles are old news, today these artful pictures adorn cookies and cakes, gift boxes and even stationery.

Inspired by the famous Portuguese tiles that Tania of T Bakes sees every day the creative artist baked big and small mouth watering and breathtaking delicacies. To present her masterpieces in the proper light she asked another two artists to join her.

„This particular design had been in my mind for quite a while so I asked André Teixeira und Sofia Ferreira of Brancoprata if they wanted to do something involving it. It was such a fun afternoon of playing and styling.

Of course Sofia took it to a whole new level by creating a stationery suite to match, and André just knocked it out of the park with stunning photos! It’s always a great pleasure when we all work together!“ Tania of T Bakes raves about the successful collaboration with  Brancoprata.

Understandably, as we think, when we look at the result! Bold colors, finest brush strokes, sweet desserts to bite into and subtle decorations to die for. No way, you think? Then come and see for yourselves!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


hochzeitstorte-cookies-portugal_0001 hochzeitstorte-cookies-portugal_0001ahochzeitstorte-cookies-portugal_0061hochzeitstorte-cookies-portugal_0060
hochzeitstorte-cookies-portugal_0008 hochzeitstorte-cookies-portugal_0010 hochzeitstorte-cookies-portugal_0011 hochzeitstorte-cookies-portugal_0012 hochzeitstorte-cookies-portugal_0013 hochzeitstorte-cookies-portugal_0014 hochzeitstorte-cookies-portugal_0015 hochzeitstorte-cookies-portugal_0016


PHOTOGRAPHY: André Teixeira, Brancoprata
DESIGN STYLING & FLORALS: Sofia Ferreira, Brancoprata
RUNNER: Orchidée de Soie


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