Wedding Inspirations with European Charm


With images of ancient stone walls, ornate stationery and a romantic dinner table this amazing shoot spreads European charm.

Inspired by the European summer she brought the flair of France to the United States and reinterpreted it with her very own handwriting.

„A few years ago, I was lucky enough to shoot a beautiful wedding in the South of France. It was the first time I had ever been to Europe, and it’s safe to say I was completely smitten! So I wanted to capture the essence of Europe without having to leave the states.“ photographer Shannon told us.

Soon the right location was found: an old but well preserved castle, offering exactly that kind of architecture and lush green nature she was looking for.

 „I knew that there was a castle located just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah that was used for plays, and I thought the stone and vines surrounding the castle would be the perfect backdrop.“

In addition to the captivating newlyweds, who had the passion and the temperament of southern Europe written in their faces, Shannon Elizabeth could also count on the support of close friends, when it came to implementing their ideas.

„My friends and talented florists, Renee and Jill, from City Blossoms, drove all the way up from Las Vegas to help bring this vision to life.“ she told us.

It’s really impressive, with how much perfection the team approached this task to reinterpret the Old World in a modern Europe.

Now let Shannon Elizabeth take us to her world of images. Sit back end enjoy!

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHER: Shannon Elizabeth Photography
FLORIST: City Blossoms
GOWN: Bitsy Bridal
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Vince Abram
SHOES: Bella Belle Shoes
CAKE: Flour and Flourish by Cassidy Budge
RINGS: Wilson Diamonds
RIBBONS: Silk and Willow
FILM LAB: The Find Lab
MODELS: Jed Skeen and Jennifer Lish









   Bella Belle Shoes

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