Wedding Romance In Montenegro


Lush green foliage swirls sensibly around grey stonewalls and cold rocks, climbing them to wrap them in hope of prosperous future. The hope of true love that remains in consistency for years just like this old masonry brought by the vividness of this leafage.

Time of evanescence snuggles into those leave-covered walls and so does the wonderfully natural bride. A princess of nature who turned Balkan state Montenegro into her empire of wedding romance.

A Mediterranean land that makes gentle panels of grey-blue fabrics, silver accessory and the bride´s sparkling eyes unforgettable.

Wedding photographer Malvina Frolova captured this natural glance in an especially romantic way for us and shows a side of nature which enforces the metamorphosis of rough stone and blooming flowers into pictorial romance – becoming the perfect backdrop for this lovely wedding idea.

The curls of her loose hair dance with the wind just like the delicate fabrics of her loose-falling bridal dress by Bluebells bridal couture do. Silver accessories and an opulent bridal bouquet by  Wood and Bloom give the bride´s pure naturalness a whiff of grace.

One last look into the mirror to stabilize her sensual hair-style with a filigree crown by Berethkah. Then she strides the stony path towards the valley of Mediterranean landscape. Always towards love, always towards him…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Malvina Frolova
FLORAL DESIGN: Wood and Bloom
BRIDAL GOWN: Bluebellls bridal couture
CALLIGRAPHY: Malvina Frolova
MAKE UP: Marina Trikke
FILM LAB: Lighthouse Film Lab


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