The wedding world is constantly changing, and 2024 promises to be an exciting chapter in the history of wedding trends. From creative decorations to bold bridal fashion – here are the latest trends that will make your wedding in 2024 unforgettable.

Decoration & Design

The trend in 2024 is: “More is more”. Maximalism finds its way into wedding decorations and design. Large floral arrangements, sumptuous fabrics and opulent details will transform the wedding venue into a real dreamscape. Design elements are refined both inside and out with elaborate fabrics or lighting concepts.

This is countered by minimalism. “Less is more” is the contradictory motto that stands for high-quality design and elegance.

Traditional elements find their place in the design. Wicker placemats, for example, give tables a natural and rustic touch. Handmade embroidery can be found not only on wedding dresses, but also on tablecloths and other textiles or guest gifts.

The Pantone trend color 2024 is Peach Fuzz, so many decorative elements will be seen in this color.


In bridal fashion, we find both opposites again: simple elegance, short dresses and mix and match outfits with pants meet voluminous dresses with bows, lace and eye-catching appliqués and accessories. New designs are also being created by artificial intelligence (AI) and influencing the fashion world.

Bold color combinations and colorful bridal fashion, printed patterns on wedding dresses and men’s outfits, as well as chicly dressed ladies in suits, set new standards. Printed or embroidered veils tell an individual story.

Wedding mottos & themes

How about a summer camp style or a festival as a wedding theme or a funfair with a carousel as the central element? Couples are increasingly opting for unconventional wedding themes that add a personal touch to their celebration.

Traditions, only if you like them: With mixed cultural influences, couples choose to blend the best traditions of both cultures and make the wedding unique.

Green weddings, which are designed to be environmentally conscious, are becoming increasingly important. More and more couples are opting for a completely vegetarian wedding.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used for innovative design ideas to make weddings ever more elaborate and personalized.


While floristry in general is becoming more and more lavish, small bridal bouquets are en vogue. Floral alternatives such as flowers along the men’s collar or as a floral pocket square add a fresh touch. Green elements and a forest atmosphere are increasingly being integrated into the room to create a natural and romantic atmosphere.

Food & drinks with entertainment

Loving nostalgia meets fast food, e.g. individually labeled pizza boxes create a relaxed atmosphere. Lambeth Cakes, the wedding cakes from the 1930s, delight with decorated cream toppings.

Champagne pyramids and themed bars, such as the Martini Bar or a gin fountain, pamper guests. “Zero Proof + Chic” focuses on alcohol-free long drinks or cocktails with style.

Themed entertainment and interactive elements, such as artists, performers, musicians or details such as ventriloquism, add a playful touch to the celebration.


Guest photos receive special attention, e.g. with beautiful background installations. More and more couples want flatlays (detailed photography, e.g. of rings, stationery and bridal accessories). Flash photography (taking photos with a flash) creates unique snapshots. Blurred photos are controversial on the one hand, but they are increasingly being used as a stylistic device in wedding photography. Content creators are increasingly involved to make the wedding unforgettable on social media. Couples use hashtags or wedding accounts for their wedding on social media.


The year 2024 promises to be an exciting time for weddings, where couples can take their individuality and creativity to a new level. Be inspired and turn your wedding into an unforgettable experience under the sign of love.

Our opinion on this: Only use the trends if they suit you. With this in mind, have fun planning your wedding!

Color of the Year 2024

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