Beautiful walk through Paris


This magical wedding shoot took place in Paris. It is a wonderful inspiration for an engagement shoot. Why not enjoy a couple shoot in the city of love just the two of you? Without a wedding dress, a couple shoot is also particularly suitable for a marriage proposal. Or with wedding dress, then you can possibly use a dress that you do not want to wear at the real wedding, because it does not fit the style of the celebration. Or you can take several dresses for the shoot or borrow a dress, there are no limits to your imagination.

More and more couples also book a pre-wedding shoot, a shoot before the wedding. On the wedding day you want to celebrate and enjoy the time with the wedding party. Couple shoots that last for hours blow up the day and you have less time with your loved ones. A pre-shoot offers the advantage of being able to plan it at your leisure. It can take place anywhere in the world and you can choose a time or day when it is no longer so hot and the sun is favorable in the late afternoon. So it is possible to walk around the city for hours and find the most beautiful photo spots.

Another idea is an elopement, a wedding just for two. In this case, you also have the advantage that you do not have to take into account friends or relatives. An elopement is basically possible anywhere. Whether there is a recognized civil wedding at the desired location, this info you get in the local registry office. In any case, however, a free wedding ceremony is possible, a ceremony with a free celebrant. In this case, the official wedding ceremony must be made up for later in your own registry office.

This walk through Paris was photographed by Paris-based photographer Catalin Vutcariov. It is always an advantage to book a photographer who lives in the city and knows the most beautiful places. Thus, the photographer Catalin was able to make perfect use of the Parisian backdrop and perfectly set the scene for the couple Ana and Piero at the Eiffel Tower, along the Seine and at particularly pretty historic buildings.

Photographer: Catalin Vutcariov 
Hair & Make Up: Maryna 
Clothes: Ideasposa 
Car: Retro Motors Collection
Flowers: Eva, Jardin Etrange
Accessories: Zanegina

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