When Nature Revives…


Leaves already lost their color, branches get balder and balder. Even the lush green of the bushes fades piece by piece. Nature seems to accept the change of time and to yield up to its fate.

But suddenly she appears – the shining beauty of a bride, graceful, elegant, youthful. What ever touches her hands seems to magically blossom out again, her presence lets flowers and blossoms revive.

This stunningly contrasty styled shoot is a masterpiece created by the American florist and wedding designer Sarah from Sarah’s Garden, captured on wonderful pictures by the great photographers of Brushfire Photography.

Obviously self-evident light earth tones meet lush green and tender pink, aged nature meets young life, temporary beauty meets everlasting charm.

See for yourself what fascinating attraction the expressive pictures shot by Brushfire Photography have and let them sink in…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Brushfire Photography
FLORAL DESIGN: Posies Floral
DRESS: Rosa Clara from Lovely Bride
MODEL: Aleksandra from The Agency Arizona



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