White Romance


Like an angel from seventh heaven an elfish beauty walks the earth – all in white as symbol of romance.

The purest of all colors gives this innocent place timeless elegance, complemented by fresh and lush green.

A natural aura encircles the bride like an invisible shield that makes sure her lovable grace may unfold…

The following pictures shot by film photographer Jenna McElroy show impressively how fascinating and multi-faceted the wedding theme „all in white“ can be.

For this particular shoot, I was inspired to use the most timeless color of all, white, and place it in an extremely romantic setting like The White Sparrow Barn. event designer Lara of Sealed With A Kiss Events explained.

What started outside the barn in nature continues in its interior. Wildly appearing flower arrangements represent meadows and trees, while the flawless white of the bridal gown mirrors in the entire interior of this gorgeous wooden house.

The beautiful bride is shown wearing two gowns by Saint Isabel Bridal which were inspired by timeless romance for the modern bride.“ the event designer told us.

From head to toe, from floor to ceiling – just a handful carefully selected details break the harmonic appearance of innocence opening our eyes for something new.

Overall, I want to inspire those out there who want the timeless feeling at their wedding to think outside the box. To take timeless things and weave them together in their own unique style and create a truly memorable event for family and friends.“ Lara gives us one last advice before we dive into the fantastic pictures shot by Jenna McElroy.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Jenna McElroy Photography
PLANING & STYLING: Sealed With A Kiss Events
BRIDAL DRESS: Saint Isabel Bridal
LOCATION: The White Sparrow Barn
FLORALS: Pollen Events
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Q Makeup and Hair Artistry


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