Wild Beauty


Quietly and shiny a mountain lake ends somewhere far away, leaving a graceful bride in her graceful  YolanCris bridal dress of Jolie Bruchsal  to her destiny.

Hopefully her thoughts fade into this endless width, returning to her full of confidence and trust.

Wild like her soul she feels one with this mostly bleak landscape giving new life to the bouquet in her hands.

Just a sheer fabric separates her from Mother Nature whom she shows what a beautiful being she became…

An exotic beauty embedded in a breathtaking mountain landscape was the protagonist of this magical shoot organized by the photographers Mila and Stephan of Vivid Symphony.

Among the golden light of a setting sun the incomparable couple realized their exceptional visions of an expressive bride that fascinates the observer with her captivating aura.

Even we are totally excited by her charisma and the impressive pictures shot by Vivid Symphony which we want to show you now.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Vivid Symphony
DRESS: YolanCris via Jolie Bruchsal
FLOWERS: Saltoflorale
MAKE-UP & HAIR: Tatiana Pirog from Christian Born Friseure
MODEL: Tuyet My









     Vivid Symphony                        Jolie Bruchsal


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