Wild Bridal Session in New Zealand


Fearless fire blazes in her eyes, fierce wind gusts bounce off her and wild messengers of Mother Nature reveal the unprecedented forces of a bride.

As if she was the fourth element that puts out a blaze, tames the wind and subdues the earth, something pulls her into the vast expanse of nature, looking for harmony of the forces between green hills…

Dramatic, captivating and innovative the images by photographer Katie Grant pull us under their spell.

We watch how the extravagant Carol Hannah gown unfolds, dancing with the wind and letting the bride float on light gray clouds. Voluminous and at the same time lightweight, plain with special details.

Meanwhile, a withered but none the less stunning bridal bouquet by Janna Brown seems to be the tip of the styling iceberg which the experienced event stylist and planner has worn off for this incomparable styled shoot.

Her color palette ranges from warm golden yellow to dark green, delicate brown and deep black. Colors reminiscent of the natural setting that ran like an untouched thread through the whole concept including the flower arrangements and the stationery by Bohemian Ink.

We are eternally grateful for this wild and untamed bridal inspiration brought to us by Katie Grant

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHER: Katie Grant Photo 
HAIR & MAKE-UP: The Pretty Parlour 
PAPER GOODS: Bohemian Ink
CANDLES: Creative Candles
FILM LAB: Atkins Photo Lab 




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