Wild Sea Love


Surrounded by the rugged rocks of the coast a bride seeks for wild love on the abandoned beach.

Biting wind blows, asking her hair and dress out for a spontaneous dance. Unknowingly, it unfolds her beauty, making her even more appealing for love.  

The waves proudly carry their whitecaps ashore, which the ocean donned on them far outside. They don´t want to miss whom or what the lonely bride is will find in this place.  

Soon her excitedly pounding heart under a delicate layer of lace is getting rewarded. As if her gentleness had brought the steep rocks to life, her groom appears out of nowhere wearing elegant gray.

The search has an end; trustingly she closes her eyes as she sinks in his arms. He is her solid rock, protecting her from wind and weather. Now there´s just her wild-looking bridal bouquet still dancing with the gusts…

It is a magnificent bridal bouquet from The Flower Bird , which accompanies our young beauty from the beginning of her search. As wild as her soul, as free as her heart. Spiked with fresh accents in dark red and bright green.  

The graceful jewelry by Michaela Römer and the stationery by Sarah Pearl Studio is based on the modern bridal couple and the magic beach. Turning black and white into delicate gray, with golden calligraphy to grant that certain something.  

We are deeply impressed by the coherent overall concept of these wild bridal inspirations and can not wait for you to see this extraordinary love story eternalized by Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography
GOWN: Claire La Faye 
RINGS & EARRINGS: Michaela Römer 
SHOES: Bella Belle Shoes
FLORAL: The Flower Bird   
STATIONERY: Sarah Pearl Studio 
RIBBONS: Songbird Silk
MAKE-UP: Claire Bowring
HAIR: Steven and Laurent 
MODELS: Emma & Ben









     Michaela Römer


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