Wildly romantic elopement on the coast of England


A unique fascination emanates from the coasts of England. The dramatic cliffs with their unbelievable views, the lonely sandy beaches and the grass of the velvety meadows swaying in the wind, cast a spell over us.

Together with event designer Emmily Jones from Gatherist, Jessica Rose used this spectacular backdrop to realize her visions of an elopement in her workshop.

The gracile bride delights with her enchantingly simple dress by Cathy Telle, which swings seductively in the wind, and her hair, which perfectly underlines the romantic look.

The wildly romantic bridal bouquet with its beautifully arranged meadow flowers from Studio Mondine completes the grand artwork.

Who wouldn’t like to swap places with this enchanting couple and glide along the coast in dreamy togetherness? A romantic thought, which we may live out in the wonderful picture gallery of the impressive Fine Art photographer Julie Cate.



Photography: Julie Cate
Workshop host: Jessica Rose 
Design and Styling: Gatherist (Emmily Jones)
Floral Design: Studio Mondine
Dress: Cathy Telle
Lab: Photovision