Winter wedding magic



Christmas and weddings – how do they go together? Well, we think that’s a perfect match! Celebrating the festival of love and the day two people say “I do” together is a wonderful way to give it even more meaning. Unfortunately, winter weddings are not yet so popular. But why is that? Because it’s cold? Because there are no beautiful flowers? Lilly from Herzhochzeiten proves with this editorial that it doesn’t have to be that way.

From Lilly from Herzhochzeiten: ” Schloss Eulenbroich in Rösrath offers the perfect location for a dreamy winter wedding. The high ceilings with chandeliers and beautiful windows are simply a dream. In the conservatory, you can enjoy a festive meal at a beautifully laid table and then treat yourself to a delicious piece of cake from Nagitorei. And when it comes to Christmas, what could be more natural than a cake with beautiful gingerbread houses? Fir branches, little bells, a decorated Christmas tree and lots of little treats are the icing on the cake.

The color concept with the lush pine green combined with a wintry blue and beautiful white and gold accents makes it look wonderfully delicate and elegant. It was important to me to get away from the classic and try something new.

Marina von Leihglück has designed a beautifully light and elegant table concept to match. The great Katja Ziegert has captured the mood and the theme quite magically with her unique light style.

Our bride is wearing a dress from Dominiss. Delicate lace, puff sleeves, enchanting accessories from Dalou Jewelry and a beautiful cashmere scarf round off the look and make it look wonderfully wintery and cozy. A lush winter bridal bouquet with high-quality flowers such as protea, roses and anthuriums combined with fir and blue dried flower accents and shoes from Bella Belle Shoes with tiny glitter crystals reminiscent of snowflakes. Speaking of snowflakes, Frau Holle – Let it snow!”





Planning, Concept & Organization: Lilly from Herzhochzeiten
Photographer: Katja Ziegert
Location: Eulenbroich Castle
Stationery: Small card
Decoration & Floristry: Marina Leihglück
Jewelry: Dalou Jewelry
Bridal Dress: Dominiss
Bridal Boutique: Bridal love
Cake & Sweets: Nagitorei
Rentals: Nimmplatz
Hair and Make-up: Christina Remche
Videography: Those little things
Bridal Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes
Model: Marlena


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