Young Love In Venice


What could be more beautiful than a young love in Venice? Actually nothing. And that’s why Clarissa and Nicolas shared their luck celebrating it in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

It´s that kind of luck that reflects in an everlasting smile and sparkling eyes. That turns into pride when you walk hand in hand on a common path. That you never let go again once you found it.

Fine Art wedding photographer Jutta Matveev of Ewigmein literally captured this type of luck on camera. Therefor, she did not the couple´s side and accompanied the two to the most beautiful places in Venice.

Usually crowded by tourists, the city seemed to exist only for Clarissa and Nicolas that day. The narrowstreets were empty and served as a perfect background for quiet moments as a couple. Free gondolas waited at the jetties just to glide through the legendary canals with them. And way up there, above the rooftops of the city, prospect and future seemed endless.

Let us be captivated by this magical city and indulge in the touching imagery of Ewigmein Fine Art Photography






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