Like hundred years ago artful fountains spout perfect in form water into a pond. Their lapping calms, their sight delights.

Time seems to stand still at this place, the mansion is ancient yet well-preserved. Its size impresses, its widths fascinate.

As if out of a painting this bride appears. Graceful, glamorous and beautiful she strolls through the castle. Is she the ghost of a former ruler?

With her fondness of timeless elegance and unique architecture photographer Justina Bilodeau found the perfect backdrop for her heavenly romantic bridal shoot within this old manor house.

Correspondent to the ambience she showcased stunning robes by Rebecca Schoneveld
 with hand-embroidered embellishments complemented by ethereal accessories by All About Romance. The artists of Ever After created opulent flower arrangements matching the scenery.

It feels like photographer Justina Bilodeau Photography travelled into the past to bring us these fascinating pictures from a bygone era. Are you ready to take a look into the past? Then come and join us!

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Justina Bilodeau Photography
HEADPIECES + VEILS: All About Romance
GOWN: Rebecca Schoneveld

FLORALS: Ever After
HAIR: Alise Buckner
MAKE-UP: Marissa Patten-Harris
FILM LAB: Photovision Prints
MODEL: Delaney PH

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