Zola and Liam´s Anniversary


A blooming garden, running water, romantic bridges and a private atmosphere are framing Zola and Liam´s anniversary.

Their looks wander the same direction; their hearts beat synchronously. This path takes them to a mutual goal, their feelings for each other are their future.

Celebrate marriage, cherish your wedding day. Respect each other and let love grow…

“Zola and Liam are an adorable couple based in Hong Kong. I had to pleasure of documenting their anniversary session in a private residence, full of deep green shades in the afternoon.” photographer Karina Papadopoulos told us.

As we can see on the great pictures shot by the wonderful artist an invisible yet strong bond holds them together: “This sweet couple laughs, smiles, and cuddles… but you see their deeper, emotive connection.”

A connection that you can read from their eyes and loving gestures. However, for us it´s just a whiff of nothing only valuable for the couple that remains – as Zola´s husband revealed: “We support and empower each other to pursue goals, dreams, and passions. We’re so thankful to Karina for being able to capture our story, where for a little while, time and distance seemed to stand still”

We are also very thankful for Karina Papadopoulos’ journey to Hong Kong from where she brought us these amazing pictures…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHER: Karina Papadopoulos
DRESS: Needle & Thread
VENUE: Private Residence Hong Kong  
CAKE: Phoenix Sweets
FLOWERS: Bunny Garden
MAKE-UP & HAIR: Makiko MakeUp & Hair
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab









  Karina Papdopoulos