Medieval inspiration interpreted in a modern way

This wedding shoot took place at the enchanting Borgo San Rocco resort in Sicily, in the picturesque town of Savoca, which belongs to the province of Messina. Savoca is known for its medieval architecture, panoramic views and cultural attractions. This small town was chosen for its historical significance, old churches and charming, authentic atmosphere by the team led by photographer Syrga Dif, Anna from Sparkling Moments and Diana from Still Miracle. It provided the perfect backdrop for a wedding inspiration with medieval elements.

In three words, this wedding was discreet, refined and imbued with the medieval spirit. The bride wore a stunning wedding dress from the Ukrainian brand Wona Concept. In Ukrainian, “Wona” means “she”, which underlines the brand’s commitment to its customers, who are also the main source of inspiration for the clothes. The boudoir dress was from Larca Barcelona, while the groom wore an elegant suit from Yarmich Store.

The decorations were very delicate and romantic in white and nude tones. The elegant floral decorations from BloomsFair were used in the bridal bouquet and as a backdrop for the wedding ceremony.

The location was transformed into a romantic medieval atmosphere, illuminated by many candles. The dinner table was decorated on the terrace with endless candles and golden candlesticks, as well as plenty of flowing crepe fabric that cascaded down like waterfalls, creating an elegant and dramatic effect. The fabrics also played a central role in the bridal shoot. They snuggled up to the bride and the decoration merged with the wedding dress to form a sensual whole.

The cozy, flickering candlelight gave the place a warm atmosphere at dusk, just like in the days of knights and castles. The medieval wedding scene, with its rich textures and soft lighting, is an unforgettable and timeless inspiration.

Photography: Syrga Dif / Venue: Resort Borgo San Rocco / Event Planner: Anna from Sparkling Moments / Creative Direction & Design: Diana from Still Miracle / Co-Planning: Lana Wedding Planner / Florist: BloomsFair / Floral assistance: Helga Cascio / Hair & Make Up: Veronica Borovska / Wedding Dress: Wona Concept / Boudoir Dress: Larca Barcelona / Suit: Yarmich Store / Jewelry: Italian Luxury Accessories / Decoration & Furniture: Michelangelo Finocchiaro / Stationery: Sonia from Olumis Calligraphy / Stylist: Anna Torno

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