Mediterranean Wedding Atmosphere


Curious and cheeky Spain´s sun sneaks a peek through the brick-built archway onto the Mediterranean wedding atmosphere in the garden. Lovingly decorated wooden chairs wait on lush green grass for the bride to come.

Suddenly bride and groom arrive as inseparable union, savoring some moments of togetherness. Soon the day´s excitement sets in but for now the spacious mansion is all theirs.

Proudly he guides his blonde angel through the gardens, over bridges and along fine gravel paths towards future, stops to delight in her beauty. All in white as if she was the most innocent being on earth…

Join us as Mila Diluart Events takes us to a Mediterranean wedding bubbling with elegance and grace! Most of all this unbelievable venue seems to be one of the most beautiful ever.

„We chose this beautiful mansion​ because of its special charm situated in the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Without a doubt, La Torre del Visco​ is the best place for those who value the details and for having an intimate wedding with family and friends or even a destination wedding in Spain.“ event stylist and florist Mila Diluart reveals.

Let´s have a look at the impressive picture gallery of photographer Arturo Diluart who captured this perfect in form Mediterranean wedding ambience for us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHER: Arturo Diluart
HAIR PIECES: Sister´s Tocados
VENUE: La Torre del Visco