Muse Of Extravagance


Whether as a skin-tight dress which clearly outlines the merits of a bride, as a precious lace dress that covers her silhouette with a hint of seduction or as a gossamer splendor that plays with her charms – black is the new muse of extravagance.  

A historic ambience served as contrasting frame in which a world of modernity unfolds freely. A world which two brides, who could not be more different, explore in their gorgeous black dresses.  

Dark, passionate eyes shine on us, long, black hair glides barely perceptibly down over their shoulders to become one with the precious substances.  Forlorn, oppressive and melancholic one might think. However, sensuality, elegance and glamour is what we see…

You could also say brave and fancy or spectacular and innovative. ´Cause that’s what the unique event stylist Pearl Collins of Pearl & Godiva is known for all around the world. She thinks outside the box.  

Recently, she realized her latest inspirations in the Irish Bantry House, which offered an exciting background for her exceptional visions.  

This aged ambience lent a little bit of down-to-earthness to the beaded touch of nothing by Emily Riggs, while in return it gave off some of its glance to the bare walls.  

In the end Pearl & Godiva was not the only one who gave proof of her keen sense for fine art and aesthetics. Also photographer Carrie King impresses with her skills and the captivating images of these two brides dressed all in black…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




One to One Artisan Editorial Tutoring, Shoot Concept, Styling & Creative Direction: Pearl & Godiva 
Photography: Carrie King Photography 
MUA & Hair Stylist: Noleen Cunningham for E F Creative Studios
Beaded Sheer Dress: Emily Riggs Bridal 
Black Gowns and Accessories: Stylists Own
Jewellery: Kristin Hayes Jewellery, some jewellery stylists own
Location: Bantry House 
Model: Distinct Model Management and Not Another Agency 
Lettering Artist: Tara Spencer