Sensual Bridal Morning at the Lago Maggiore


The bride awakens among lordly ambience surrounded by ancient splendor. Dark wood tells of valuable times, century-old books of their history. A sealed letter falls into her hands, reminding her what this day will bring.

A plain robe flatters her body; precious jewelry adorns her hair. Blooming life in the form of the most beautiful flowers and a veil of lace that unites everything underneath. This is how she´ll step in front of the altar today, to say “Yes” to the love of her life.

For this shooting event designer Claire from  Claire Duran Weddings & Events decided to leave nothing to chance when she chose this dreamlike venue Villa Rochetta at the Lago Maggiore.

Excitedly she told us: „Our bride´s got Lake Maggiore and the mountains on her background, and then, the raging storm comes, taking away the peaceful weather she had dreamed of. But in this day, the devotion to her soon to be husband keeps her connected to happiness and a joyful spirit. Soon enough the storm will pass, she will get ready again, and marry her love.“

To realize this fascinating project wedding designer Claire collaborated with equally talented vendors. Magnificent flower arrangements by Bianco Weddings, nobly swung calligraphy by Signora e Mare and an unique robe by Anais Anette made Claire´s visions alive which the photographer Darya of  thecablookfotolab captured on usually amazing pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY:  thecablookfotolab
PLANNER + STYLIST: Claire Duran Weddings & Events
FLOWERS: Bianco Weddings
GOWN: Anais Anette
CALLIGRAPHY: Signora e Mare
ACCESSOIRES: Lindsay Marie Design
VEILS: Sara Gabriel
RING: Susie Saltzman
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Olga Golovco
VENUE: Villa Rocchetta
MODEL: Dana Kabargina


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