Graceful Snow Bride 


Clear, cool mountain air reaches our nostrils, fresh snow brought it here. Firs, paths, cottages – everything’s adorned with this white screen. Light fog lets us guess how far this paradise might span.

Silent scrunch announces footsteps, who became lost around here? With the beauty of a snow queen and the grace of a bride a delicate being appears, enchanting, gracile and elegant.

Her eyes as blue as ice and a dress from Brautgeflüster as white as the brightness around her let us assume she´s both a queen and a bride. Self-assured and confident she explores her empire, looking for a man to break through her loneliness…

Isn´t this a adorable concept that Manuela Wieser of Brautzauber implemented into this wonderful mountain landscape? With stunning florals by Evelyn Kühr, a cozy blanket and some shiny, wintery accessories she created harmonious settings among this untouched snow-covered landscape.

In Henry Welisch she found the perfect photographer to eternalize her artworks. I´m sure we´ll be delighted in his pictures even if the snow has melted someday…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Henry Welisch
KONZEPT: Manuela Wieser – Brautzauber
BRAUTKLEIDER: Küss die Braut bei Brautgeflüster
BLUMEN: Evelyn Kühr
MAKE-UP + STYLING: Sandra Skofitsch
TORTE: Konditorei Bernold
MODEL: Sarah Reitz



Henry Welisch                                   Evelyn Kühr                                     Brautgeflüster                             Küss die Braut



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