A Cake Designer´s After Wedding Shoot


Watch out, now it’s getting sweet in so many different ways – with a Wedding Cake Designer´s After Wedding Shoot.

Sweet in view of the adroable bridal couple and the loving looks and gestures that they exchange with each other. Sweet in the truest of all senses, when we think of the big and small edible art that Cynthia of Süße Poesie made especially for this session. And sweet in terms of the idea, the concept behind this meaningful project.

“With this shoot I wanted to express our love for delicious sweets in a minimalistic and artistic way, coupled with a touch of romance.” the cake artist of Süße Poesie explaines.

Minimalist meets it quite well. Because much was not necessary to stage this special kind of love. Especially not many colors. Yet Cynthia has created a stylish image from hand-picked details and carefully selected elements.

“I have a passion for earthy tones, delicate fabrics and antiques that tell their own story. All these elements should be reflected in our After Wedding Shoot. Especially for the table scene I wanted delicate branches as decoration, so that the stone cake, which consisted of two individual cakes, could come into its own. The subtle glass elements let branches and cake come to the fore.”

But the delicate blossoms and impressive flower arrangements by Grace & Flowers also get their attention. They are too beautiful and charming to be ignored. Just like the dreamlike bridal gown by Rara Avis that clings to Cynthia like a second skin and glides gently down her legs.

Fine Art Wedding photographer Tanja Kibogo had enough attention for every little but no less important detail and devoted herself to each with dedication. Here you see the result, summarized in the touching photo-love-story of Cynthia and her husband Sven…




CAKES: Süße Poesie
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Glowreich




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