Alluring Shades Of Grey


Expectantly, the groom casts his glance out the large, white window. The light that emanates from them makes the room seem infinite. In his hand he holds a bunch of flowers, embedded in lush green leaves. A delicate grey band falls across his fingers. Is this a harbinger of the multifarious colour play to come?

Her loosely pinned hair is adorned by a filigree wreath of flowers. Nothing but lace embraces her upper body, from the arms across the shoulders and down her back. Her hand boasts a glamorous ring, which will soon be joined by another of its kind. For now, it remains at rest in dark grey velvet, secure in its little box.

An impatient glance at his pocket watch reveals: it is time. She does up the silvery grey straps that gracefully nestle up against her ankles and off she goes. Step by step she approaches him, while sheer layers of tulle impart the gift of freedom to each of her steps.

Together, we indulge the sweet side of life at the lavish festive table. We nibble at the cheeses and taste the wine. Here, too, the grey is omnipresent in varied tones and forms. A table runner, candles, crockery and paper adornments play a composition in grandiose shades. All this combined with a little gold that lends shine to the ambiance.

Only through love do two lovers become husband and wife. Only through white does black become grey. Its variety is immeasurable. It starts in the here and now. And ends with the power of the imagination of each individual…

With this incredible shooting wedding planner Jana Stanzig of Fine Moments  and fine art photographer Melanie Nedelko take us onto a journey to a wonderful world of inspirations in shades of grey.




PHOTOGRAPHY Melanie Nedelko Photography
CREATIVE DIRECTION & DESIGN Jana Stanzig by Fine Moments
GOWN: Daalarna
LOCATION Orangerie Eisenstadt
HAIR & MAKE-UP Gilbird
FLORAL DECORATION Isabella Floristik
JEWELRY Rosa Marlene
CALLIGRAPHY Eliv Rosenkranz
CAKE Das Tortenstudio  
MACARONS macaroom
DECORATIONS Wedding Bazaar Vienna
CERAMIC TABLEWARE Marianne Seiz Keramik
RING BOX La Petit Box
BRIDAL SHOES Jimmy Choo Tuchlauben
PARFUM Nägele & Strubbel
MODELS Jasmin (body and soul) & Hubert (Tempo Models)









   Melanie Nedelko                 Orangerie Eisenstadt                     Gilbird                                Das Tortenstudio



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