Powerful rays of sunlight bathe the fields in bright light, golden shining ears dance softly with the wind, a breathtaking landscape grants this special feel-good factor – what a perfectly wonderful summer´s day!

Anna and Domink love this kind of rustic charm – and that´s what their upcoming wedding next summer will look like. They are going to decorate their big day with lots of natural elements, straw and tender summer flowers in scented shades of apricot.

Matching this color theme they now organized a romantic save-the-date shooting.

Smitten and full of anticipation Anna and Dominik enjoyed every second of the day. Everyone could tell from their faces how lucky they were.

With their highly emotional pictures Lena and Ali from Goldstaub Fotografie tell us now an adorable love story to dream away the day…

Translation: Marina Jenewein

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