A blessed smile plays around the corners of her mouth, she welcomes the day she´s been patiently waiting for. Lost in thoughts and with all her senses she tries to guess what it might bring.

She trades her alluring negligee for an extravagant white gown, decorated with silk flowers and adorned with pearls. A delicate veil complements her look, turns this beguiling beauty into an innocent bride.

She´s expected at the front door by her groom, who takes her in a convertible to their party for two. Hopelessly in love they´re on the road to luck passing lushly green Southern flair.

Photo workshops like this by  Nastia Vesna are highly coveted by participants like Lena Eliseeva and also we love aesthetic and artful bridal inspirations like those.

Impressive architecture, groomed gardens, stunning flower arrangements and big emotions blend with a mixture of past and presence becoming a synthesis of the arts to die for.

Come with us and get inspired by the multifaceted world of pictures shot by photographer Lena Eliseeva

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Lena Eliseeva
WORKSHOP: Nastia Vesna Workshop
COORDINATOR: Kristina Levanovich
DRESS: Wedding designer Rara Avis Group
LINGERIE: Olga Novik
HAIR MAKE-UP: Kseniya Tyrsikova
DECOR + FLORALS: Evgeniya Dragun
MODEL: Giulia Fanchin and Marco Valle


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