Dreamlike Beach Elopement


Elegantly curved white dunes draw moony lines into the sky, hiding the endless width of the sea. Only the subdued rushing of breaking waves finding purchase on the beach sounds.

Here, in the far north of Germany, a bridal couple stops with their VW bus to tie the knot in the dunes and to cherish love in intimate togetherness.

And this is where they wait for their friends to celebrate through the night together. That´s what this romantic fireworks of pictures by  Jennifer März are all about.

In her white lace gown with long sleeves and the natural bridal styling the bride brings elegant Bohemian attitude along.

Holding her little bridal bouquet with light pink color in one hand and her groom´s strong hand in the other. Both dressed in bright colors they become a harmonic part of this white-blue natural setting. A play of colors that continues within the maritime stationery by Die Traumanufaktur.

Single wooden planks in the sand lead the newly weds the way to the ocean to look at the horizon. Because love does not only mean to look at each other, it´s also about looking into the same direction…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Jennifer März Fotografie
PAPETERIE: Die Traumanufaktur
BLUMEN: Frantz Blumen St Peter Ording
MODELS: Charlotte und Felix










Die Traumanufaktur


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