Flowers, more than just Decoration


People will forget what you said,
forget what you did,
but you will never forget
how you made it feel

 – Maya Angelou –


Getting kissed awake in the morning by the sweet scent of colorful buds, getting lulled to sleep by their fragrance at night. Bathing in a sea of rose petals at noon, savor a warm sip of it in the afternoon. For this bride, flowers are obviously more than just decoration.  

As if she´s in a trance she covers her slinky body with a colorful splendor that leaves an oily perfume on her. Dreamily, she inhales the aroma of nature, that carries her thoughts far away on vacation…

Many of us combine a rich floral splendor with unique occasions or special places. With ease, carefreeness and freedom. But there´s so much more. Flowers convey secret messages and awaken deep feelings. So why don´t we sweeten our everyday life with them? That’s what floral stylist Marina lbanez from The Original Fleurs thought when she came up with the idea for this styled shoot!  

With her love for details and a handful of props, she transformed the Masia La Garriga de Castelladral into a true oasis of floral art. Whether on a walk through the city, reading on the couch, relaxing in the tub or at the cozy 5 o’clock tea – due to her infinite love for these small, fragrant masterpieces of nature, she can´t imagine a single moment of everyday life without them.

With these impressive motifs Marina lbanez whetted our appetite for more. More color, more green, more floral decoration in our offices and our living spaces. And, of course, more images shot by the fantastic photographer Mireia Cordomí who shares her fascinating picture gallery with us…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Mireia Cordomí
CLOTHES: Broken Basics by MireiaBarcelona
MAKE-UP: Diana Galí by GHD, L’ORÉAL, Marc Jacobs
SHOES: Meraki
LOCATION: Masia La Garriga de Castelladral
MODEL: Judit Civit
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab




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