Gold & Moos


Fall dresses nature in light brown letting meadows and fields slowly fade. Bit by bit trees let their leaves go which glide gracefully to the ground.

When some lay down for their winter sleep others awake for a new life. Mist and dew of the morning hours cover cliffs and rocks with fresh moss – lush, soft and elegant.

Wedding planner Natalie Papova of  Sea of Love  understood the grace and versatility of this green plant and created moody inspirations of a bride´s lonely moments before her wedding.

Shimmering gold, bright white and sparkling silver harmonized wonderfully with the lush green of bouquet and moss and filled the ambience with life and love.

Special highlight: a dreamlike dress with a tempting back neckline, elegant stationery and an exceptional buffet to die for – passionately designed by the great event stylist Natalie Papova.

Photographer Pavel of Your Dream Photo joined her at this lonely place and captured on camera what came into being: playful yet dreamy wedding inspirations with lots of nature and a whiff of elegance…

Text: Marina Jenewein

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Your Dream Photo
DRESS:Winnie“ by Catherine Deane 
RENTALS: Swagpie Design
FOOD: Chef Stephanie
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Kelly Jones
MODEL: Devon Powers




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