Almost shy the blond sun sends out her rays throuch some olive branches.

Gently the olive grove fills the landscape with its romantic flair and indulges all senses with this paradisaic atmosphere.

What a dreamlike backdrop for a wonderful love shoot! This  Boheme Workshop in Messina, Greece, stimulated the participants with this Mediterranean flair.

Inspired by the godesses Gaia and Eros – the godesses of devotion and love – the attendees found a love szene true tot he motto „intimacy and simplicity“.

Their adorable couple Alex and Chatherine encircles this warm naturalness which makes you feel their deep bond. The way they are smiling at each other, interact and hug let´s our hearts skip a beat.

Alexis Rose impresses with her photographic talent and becharms with a magical world of pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


boheme-engagement-greece_0001 boheme-engagement-greece_0002 boheme-engagement-greece_0003boheme-engagement-greece_0026 boheme-engagement-greece_0004 boheme-engagement-greece_0005a boheme-engagement-greece_0006 boheme-engagement-greece_0007 boheme-engagement-greece_0008 boheme-engagement-greece_0009 boheme-engagement-greece_0010 boheme-engagement-greece_0011 boheme-engagement-greece_0011a boheme-engagement-greece_0012 boheme-engagement-greece_0014 boheme-engagement-greece_0015 boheme-engagement-greece_0016 boheme-engagement-greece_0019 boheme-engagement-greece_0020 boheme-engagement-greece_0021 boheme-engagement-greece_0022 boheme-engagement-greece_0023 boheme-engagement-greece_0024 boheme-engagement-greece_0025

PHOTOGRAPHY: Alexis Rose Photography instagram
WORKSHOP DIRECTORS: Vasia Weddings and Artiese Studios for Boheme Workshops instagram
CREATIVE DIRECTION AND STYLING: Tahnee Sanders – instagram
DRESS: : Free People



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