Just like a soft, fragrant blanket, the lavender spreads all over the endless fields, the scene of boisterous moments of love for two.

Stunned by their pleasant scent the young couple dances among the dense shrubs, carefree, worriless and in love.

One could almost think that the world belongs exclusively to them, and it´s probably all about them right now.

Picking ears or diving noses into purple flowers. Walking hand in hand or sitting on a blanket side by side on a blanket, free is who ever does what he likes. Happy is who ever is never doing it alone …

Event stylist Natalia Ortiz Events did not need much more than a never-ending lavender field, a charming couple, a wonderfully romantic dress and a handful of selected flowers and details of In Love Atelier to bring these sweeping inspirations to life.

We can almost smell the violet sea of flowers and clearly see the great love between the two as they enjoy their togetherness in the soft breeze of Guadalajara.

Mila and Stephan from Vivid Symphony Photography captured all that on fascinating pictures for us. What are we waiting for? Let’s get enchanted…




PHOTOGRAPHY: Vivid Symphony Photography
PLANNING: Natalia Ortiz Events
CONCEPT: Kseniya Bunets
MODELS: Katerina und Andrej





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