Magical Moments with Eberty Butterflies



They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Butterflies float in the air surrounding two lovers that are expressinglove, the strongest emotion we have as humans. The butterflies are white like the purity of a wedding and are light like you feel after you release the tension that has been building up over the last months of anticipation. The butterflies move in a choreographic dance between you and your partner and start mingling with the nature. Excited, they look for beautiful flowers and continue their journey in the world. The life of a butterfly is unique as these insects start out as small and lively caterpillars that accumulate the energy they need for their future transformations. They turn into hard pupae that seem just to do nothing but waiting for the conditions to be ripe. In reality, they are building their new body under that silent armor, a body with wings. And then the day comes and magically a butterfly finds its way out. The butterfly looks around, stretches its wings and then suddenly flies away to start a new life.




With more than 2500 event experiences behind us, we are delighted to offer our clients a service that allows them to experience this magic moment and atmosphere during the most important day of their lives. Our Eberty Butterflies are delivered in an elegant white cardboard box that is closed with two lids on top of each other. Once you have removed the first lid, you will be able to look at the little creatures through the second transparent one without touching nor disturbing them, and also without worrying that they will fly away. While they are still cold, the butterflies will not move but will only cling to the sides of the box with their wings closed. They will move slowly as the temperature rises and the light comes in. Our butterflies are ready to release as soon as they arereceived, all our clients have to do is remove the box out of the thermal packaging and allow them a moment to warm up.Touching or feeding them is not required at any time before the event.


Sustainability is our top priority, which is why we personally take care of every step of the process.




We pay attention to the butterflies at every stage of their development: from the emergence of the caterpillar to the release of the adult butterflies, we provide a protected and pleasant environment. We breed only autochthonous species, i.e. those that already naturally inhabit the region and are thus accustomed to living under our climatic conditions. Our decision not to breed tropical species, despite their size and colorfulness, is based on the realisation that they could survive only a few hours after release and could also endanger our ecosystem. The wonderful butterflies that we offer will populate our gardens again also thanks to this project. In Europe, 30% of butterflies are extinct due to the increased use of chemical pesticides in agriculture, while 9% are at risk of extinction. Our butterflies are treated with the utmost care and respect. They are neither frozen nor bagged for transport. We have developed a transport system that not only allows stress-free journey for the butterflies, but also allows certain conditions for their comfort that naturally lower their flight activity. Their journey is comparable to a train journey or in an airplane cabin. We therefore expect our clients to treat the animals with the same respect starting for example from carefully following all our instructions.



We sell butterflies for our events from spring to autumn. It is demonstrated and thoroughly verified that this represents the most appropriate period of the year to let our butterflies fly. Our species of white butterflies fly amazingly well also with mild temperatures 




Eberty Schmetterlinge
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