Minimalist and modern bridal inspiration with fresh garden feeling


Modern, refreshing, youthful – that’s how this charming shoot by photographer Tetiana Photography presents itself. We love stylish inspiration with a minimalist touch, new vision and a personal touch. We discover a striking bride, beautifully arranged flowers, fresh fruit from the garden and delicate velvet ribbons.

From Tetiana: “This session was truly a labor of love. I hoped to create a series of photographs that feel both modern and timeless, fresh and romantic. The primary source of inspiration for this session was renaissance still life paintings and my grandma’s fruit garden I remember from my childhood in the country. I wanted to incorporate lots of fresh grasses and imperfectly beautiful fruits that you can only find in a garden.

Every time I put a session together, I know I can never have total control of the final look and every single detail. Every vendor contributes their own touch to the initial idea, and for a control freak like me, it can be a little scary, but I’ve learned to trust and appreciate it. Instead of being scared, I’m embracing the excitement of not knowing. My best work comes from collaboration with other creatives, and I can’t overestimate the importance of communication and trust! This session felt incredibly close to my heart, and I loved seeing every vendor bring their creativity to the table.

Carey of Bleedfoot Florals created the most beautiful design and spent tons of time placing each berry and leaf in its place. Jen Lagers did the most perfect make up that felt so beautifully polished while staying natural and fresh. Krisanna Elizabeth created stationery for the shoot, the simple romantic beauty of which perfectly fits the overall vibe and style. Last but not least, Jasmyne Wildes modeled and brought her sparkling personality and kindness into each photograph. So thankful for every one of those ladies.”



Photography: Tetiana Photography
Floral design: Bleedfoot Florals
Makeup and Hair: Jen Lagers
Stationery: Krisanna Elizabeth
Gowns: Sarah Seven and Flora Bride via The Dress Theory
Model: Jasmyne

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