In the soft candlelight, breaking through the melancholy of her rooms, we admire the black bride Estella, who takes us to a bygone time.  

Old postcards, golden stucco, historical furniture and antique jewelry characterize her world in which dried flowers still spray a delicate fragrance.  

Under her veil she indulges in thoughts of the past. Her filigree crown brings her back to the here and now, in which she soon becomes a wife…

Isn´t it amazing how photographer Kristin Partin plays with light and shadow to give each motif a certain magic? With loads of love for details, she created a stylish ambience in which the beautiful bride in her sheer lace dress appeared especially graceful.  

„Inspired by postcards from far away and a dark moody color palette I wanted to create delicate bridal inspirations with dainty feminine details.“ Kristin Partin told us proudly.

Along with the talented Emily Tucker, who was not only responsible for hair and make-up, but also for the extraordinary bouquet and the magical crown, the photographer skilfully implemented her visions.  

Now we have the honor to take a look at the great pictures of Kristin Partin introducing the fascinating world of the black bride Estella to us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




STYLING & PHOTOGRAPHY: Kristin Partin Photography 
JEWELRY: Kristin Partin & Emily Tucker 
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Emily Tucker of Emily Artistry 
BOUQUET & CROWN: Emily Tucker of Emily Artistry 
MODEL: Dorian Maris