“PROMISE” – the bridal fashion collection 2022 by Claudia Heller



Beautiful for many years we are fans of the handmade wedding dresses by Claudia Heller Modedesign. Feminine wedding dresses that are at the same time charming and individual and skillfully play with graceful shapes and cuts through their high-quality materials.

The designer was born with a passion for beautiful fabrics and the tailoring trade, and her new 2022 collection “Promise” also provides exciting accents with 24 ravishing models. Gossamer fabrics, precious, unusual lace and innovative cuts are the unifying elements of the varied collection.

The multi-faceted models by Claudia Heller give the heavenly feeling of freedom and lightness and captivate with wonderful wearing comfort.

From Claudia: “The couples who are getting married now have probably faced more challenges in the last year than ever before in their lives together. The promise they make to each other on their wedding day has new and more emotional facets than ever before. It all comes down to that one moment when the miracle of finding the one partner for life is sealed with a promise. To be there in that moment with one of my wedding dresses honors and touches me deeply.

The focus of the new collection is on soft flowing materials such as romantic, wide swinging silk chiffon skirts, soft tulle skirts and special lace. Very fine, delicate lace is used in fascinating, sensational ways in the tops, for example in the Cara, Hailey, Grace and Scarlett models. Exciting contrasts also find their place in the PROMISE collection. For example, the Hope and Heaven models combine large, eye-catching lace patterns with fine silk chiffon skirts.

Unusual back cutouts are now a firm focus for brides when selecting and creating their wedding gowns. “Because the back gives more room to play: From transparent lace that lies directly on the skin, to V-necklines and cut-outs, to necklines that partially open in reverse to the lower back.” At the same time, the lace patterns are more varied than ever: modern graphic patterns (Georgia, Sienna) alternate with large ornaments (Hope, Heaven, Hailey), Art Deco-inspired patterns (Cara, Scarlett) as well as 3D elements in combination with glittering sequins (Grace). ”

Photographers Angelika and Artur from Die Hochzeitsfotografen immersed their camera in the symbolism of this collection and made it visible with their striking images.

The wedding dresses by Claudia Heller are available in the Cologne studio, the short wedding dresses are additionally available by mail throughout Germany.