Sensual Bridal Inspirations in Shades of Grey and Beiges


Sparkling eyes, a radiant smile, a glamorous aura and the feeling of carefree ease highlight the natural beauty of a bride.

An undone hairstyle, which nevertheless embodies sensuality, lets individual strands free to give her flawless face a dignified framework.

A sheer and shimmering dream by Asos nestles to her narrow curves, to underline her beguiling femininity and alluring charms…

„Above all this styled shoot was meant to draw a delicate portrait of a woman that doesn’t need any fuzz to appear naturally beautiful and sensual.“ photographer Sabrina Licata told us.

To support this intention, she relied on the magic of Mother Earth, who chose this day´s colors according to the concept of the artist. Mysterious grey fills the air, pale ice blue smashes in consistent waves to the shore.

 „In order to emphasize the softness and naturalness of the portrait, harsh contrasts and strong light effects were left out as well as loud colors, whereas light grey and soft earthy beiges where used to create the perfectly harmonic setting.“ the amazing artist explained.

Also, the light breeze came right on cue: „The wind drew soft movements into her hair und underlined the impression of a naturally beautiful woman fully content with her own femininity, not needing any loud words to reach attention.“

Handmade stationery by Festum Artis, another symbol for the unique beauty of each woman, rounded off the overall picture harmoniously and gave shooting its necessary hint of extravagance.

We are deeply impressed by the meaning this wonderful shoot conveys and can´t wait to sink with you into the fascinating pictures shot by Sabrina Licata.




FOTOGRAFIE: Sabrina Licata
PAPETERIE: Festum Artis – Carla Bill
HAARE & MAKE-UP: Linda Musacchio
MODEL: Marina



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