Wilderly Brides on Santorini


Three beautiful women, wearing an exclusive selection of stunning wedding robes of Wilderly Bride, on a picturesque island – these dreamy bridal inspirations for Greek goddesses not only dispel cloudy winter thoughts, but also awaken our anticipation for the upcoming wedding season.

An gorgeous city lies at the feet of the graces as innocent and pure white as their seductive bridal dresses. Here and there, one of the bright blue dome roofs interrupts the striking architecture of Santorini, like a symbol of freedom, art and uniqueness.

Attributes that served as stable pillars for a fascinating concept by the successful stylist Annie Brooks from The Wells Makery, which she finally made alive in own, unmistakable way.

In her imagination, young, wild and modern met simple, reserved and antique. In reality, however, the contrasts of extravagance and simplicity merged into an exciting unity and exploded in a spectacular firework of inspiration.

The result: unique motifs of three brides, which blend seamlessly into the flawless setting and yet stand out with their individual beauty and feminine charms, and which photographer Jacob Brooks of Brumley & Wells captured from every conceivable perspective.

If, like us, you want to warm up your cold winter days with a little summer feeling, then we recommend you take a closer look at Brumley & Wells’s very special picture collection!



Photography: Jacob Brooks – Brumley & Wells
Stylist: Annie Brooks – The Wells Makery
Dresses: Wilderly Bride
MUAH: Liz Wegrzyn
Models: Tiffany PlilerKarina Ross, Alina Efimova
Film Lab: Negative Lab
Film: Kodak Film